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December 4 2018

Frost Bank: Leveraging Machine Learning to Drive Awareness for “Opt for Optimism” Initiative

Advertiser Objective:

Frost Bank’s "Opt for Optimism" is a multi-year, grassroots-inspired initiative to combat cultural pessimism and ignite the powers of optimism. Frost’s goal is to move beyond telling people to be optimistic, and, instead, to help them feel it.

The goals of the digital advertising campaign were to drive awareness of Frost Bank and the initiative among an audience of optimistic individuals, as well as to inspire optimism among the target audience.

AdTheorent Solution:

To identify the target audience of optimistic and generous people, AdTheorent utilized its Audience Builder capability. AdTheorent’s Audience Builder leveraged elegant live-poll ad units to identify a deterministic audience of engaged hand-raisers. AdTheorent then used the attributes and characteristics of consumers who responded to build a Predictive Audience, after which AdTheorent’s machine learning platform identified the consumers within that audience who were most likely to convert.

Campaign Results: Measured by Moat Analytics

The campaign Video Completion Rate (VCR) was 82%, exceeding the industry average by 9.3%. Additionally, AdTheorent utilized Moat to measure real-time attention analytics beyond CTR. The campaign was very successful, exceeding all client-defined benchmarks:

Attention Quality, which is the
percentage of impressions that
converted from hovering to interacting

Completion Quality, which is the
percentage of video completes
that were audible and visible

“Our goal is for people to discover conversations and experience optimism through active involvement, all on their own terms. AdTheorent’s unique ability to deterministically identify ‘optimists’, and then through machine learning identify those with the highest likelihood of engaging with that messaging has been an extremely effective approach for us, and we are thrilled with the results of this campaign."

Associate Media Director at McGarrah Jessee

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