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AdTheorent has been acquired by Cadent
The newly combined company is an ID-independent omnichannel audience activation and performance platform for advertisers.

Since inception AdTheorent has prioritized human decency over
business goals and we have proven that being good is good for business.

We welcome and celebrate people from all backgrounds and life experiences, and we are proud to promote a diverse and inclusive corporate culture comprised of people from different races, religions, ethnicities, sexual or gender identities, ages and disability statuses.

We take pride in using our advanced machine learning-powered advertising capabilities to promote the greater good on a pro bono basis.

Although we are a for-profit business, every year we deploy our award-winning technology, offerings and media dollars to support and promote important humanitarian causes.

We call this AdTheorent for Good.

Recent Charitable campaigns we have championed across a variety of causes and issues facing the country:

AdTheorent has been a valuable partner to the Ad Council for many years, consistently supporting and advocating for meaningful causes including diabetes prevention, literacy, diversity and inclusion and COVID-related education. AdTheorent’s core ML-powered advertising capabilities and its ability to drive cause-related outcomes has had a very positive and meaningful impact on the issues we support.


National Accounts Director, Ad Council